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H2O Paddlesport Inc. High quality composite products for Paddling and Rowing

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H2O Paddlesport Inc. High Tech Infusion Technology

H2O Canoe Company

Welcome to H2O Canoe Company

H2O Canoe Company is in full swing for the 2015 paddling season! H2O Canoe Company Canoes are celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2015.

What’s happened in 10 Years?

Well for starters - H2O Canoe Company humbly began with just 2 models.. Over the years we’ve added profiles, hull sizes and selection with even more models being introduced this year. We’ll soon have 20 models to choose from.

Our goal is to provide a complete selection of appropriate Canoes for Individual or Tandem paddlers in a variety of paddling scenarios requiring a high performance, lightweight Canoe. We accomplish this goal by having multiple models and construction selections available using the latest design & advanced material processing technology.

Anything new?

Glad you asked - Coming for 2015 is a pair of 18’6” Trippers being developed for the increased demand in Boundary water paddling and Adventure racing. Check back often as we expect each to be ready by May this spring.

Material technology is a main focus for us in 2015 – the introduction of our Epoxy Pro Series Canoe is happening this spring. Successful long term testing results in 2014 sparked this new line of crazy light and strong Tripping Canoes to go main-stream for 2015.

Epoxy Pro Series Canoes are a combination of exciting new Innegra fabric, the consistent Aramid(Kevlar), Carbon Fiber and foam cores proven over the years, and a pure Epoxy Resin processed under vacuum infusion and post cured in a heated oven.

Look for details within the site on the Epoxy Pro Series Canoes including our ICG gunwale option and our new Skeletal Rib re-enforcement, each are attributes of these Canoes aiding their industry leading position as the lightest, toughest Tripping Canoes available on the Planet!

Where can I see one?

Get a look soon! We’re at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show in February, The Ottawa Outdoor Show & Kingston Boat Show in March, Frontenac Outfitters Summer launch Party in May or contact us to make an appointment anytime at H2O.

Jeff Hill
Founder & Owner
H2O Paddlesport Inc.