Cottage Classics

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Cottage Classics

Prospector 16-6

H2O Canoe Company Cottage Classic Prospector 16-6 is the real deal. Based on our popular Heritage Series 16-4 it has all the same lines save the flared stem.

The 16-6 is technically longer than the 16-4 due to no re-curves in the stems, but has significant production time savings by design and hence a little cost saving offered in the Cottage Classics package.

The 16-6 is based on an original Chestnut design with the rocker moderated and lengthened to still turn nicely but track a straighter line and carry more load than the traditional original. The 16-6 has a shallow arch and no keel, heels well and loaded, tracks a straight line for Lake paddling.

The Cottage Classic Prospector 16-6 is the most performance oriented of the 4 Canoes available.

Cottage Classic Specifications



Width Yoke

Bow Rocker

Stern Rocker

Prospector 16-6 16'6" 35" 2.5" 2.5"
Cottager 16 16' 35" 2" 2"
Explorer 15 15' 36" 1" 1"
Scout 14' 35" .5" .5"