Asymmetrical Touring

Asymmetrical designs for modern family tripping and touring

Asymmetrical Touring - Slingshot 222

Slingshot 222

H2O Canoe Company Slingshot 222 is a high performance Canoe that meets racing criteria often described as 4/32 for stock categories at Marathon and Adventure races around the World.

Slingshot is not only a racing Canoe. It can be dual purposed as a tripper which will make crossings a delight.

Construction is available in all H2O laminations but Carbon Epoxy Pro Series is recommended for the ultimate racing/ tripping Canoe combination. Custom options are available to personalize your Slingshot.

A Deep Dish Yoke is standard for Portaging. Equip it with a Bow Sliding webbed seat for trimming to suit various sized paddlers. If racing, upgrades include bucket seats (fixed and sliding) foot braces (adjustable and sliding). Upgrade to Carbon Fiber Yoke, Thwarts / Handles for weight savings or eliminate some pieces and go with bonded Bulkheads for permanent stiffening if you’re primarily racing.

Asymmetrical Touring Specifications



Width Yoke

Bow Rocker

Stern Rocker

Edge 16' 35" 3" 2"
Paramount 16' 6" 35.5" 2.5" 1"
Horizon 17' 34.5" .5" minimal
Voyageur 16' 11" 37" 4" 2.5"
Boundary 17' 6" 35" 1" minimal
Super Cruiser 18' 6" 35.5" 2" 1"
Slingshot 222 18' 6" 35" .5" minimal