Solo Series

Advanced Asymmetrical Modern Designs For Solo Tripping And Touring

Solo Series - Solo 15

Solo 15

H2O Canoe Company Solo 15 is slightly smaller and lighter solo for paddlers seeking a stable, user-friendly canoe, which is easy to handleboth on and off the water! Although a little slower than H2o's Solo 16/6, the Solo 15 is still remarkably efficient and tracks well for its length. Its flared ends and distinctive modern-tumblehome sides keep water out, while permitting a comfortable efficient paddle stroke without reaching. A shallow arch hull is predictable and easyto control for beginners and intermediate canoeistsin moderate conditions. Lighter than most kayaks of comparable length the Solo 15 canoe is easier to portage, offers greater capacity, and easily out performs many kayaks of similar size - try it with a kayak paddle!  

Solo Series Specifications



Width Yoke

Bow Rocker

Stern Rocker

Solo 15 15' 27" 2.5" 1.5"
Solo 16-6 16' 6" 25" 1.0" .5"