Solo Series

Advanced Asymmetrical Modern Designs For Solo Tripping And Touring

Solo Series - Solo 16-6

Solo 16-6

H2O Composites Solo 16/6 is a multi-purpose, solo canoe with a good blend of stability, efficiency and capacity to satisfy a wide range of skill levels from novice to advanced. A longer waterline, narrower width, finely flared ends and efficiently designed hull offer paddlers a straight tracking canoe with exceptional glide. The Solo 16/6's sleek asymmetrical profile coupled with its modern tumblehome sides produce a very distinctive looking, performance oriented craft. Slightly rockered bow and stern enhance manoeuvrability and shed waves to provide a dry ride. Fairly wide and deep the Solo 16/6's offers good load capacity for extended trips, while its semi-arched hull make it comfortable and steady for day cruising, fishing and sightseeing.

Solo Series Specifications



Width Yoke

Bow Rocker

Stern Rocker

Solo 15 15' 27" 2.5" 1.5"
Solo 16-6 16' 6" 25" 1.0" .5"