Asymmetrical Touring

Asymmetrical designs for modern family tripping and touring

Asymmetrical Touring - Voyageur


H2O Canoe Company Voyageur is designed by Skip Izon, Grand Bend Ontario. This model began running rivers in 2000 for Raven Works under the name Nemesis and for years with Scott Canoe as the Missinaibi. With Skips blessing H2O Canoe Company has molded the original plug for composite construction in its sharpest & truest lines.

We often refer to the Voyageur by the name Skip affectionately gave it early in the design stage – “Big Mama”

Proven & efficient in Royalex hulls which have softened lines - for ease of production. H2OC’s Voyageur is the most accurate, efficient production of this exciting shape. Laminated in H2O Brute Force the Voyageur is ready for all circumstances and hazards moving water has to navigate.

Created to excel in White Water Paddling, Skips goal was also for it to be competent in Flat Water. Voyageur is a quick turning Canoe with aggressive Bow and Stern Rocker, stable with a wide platform and dry due to depth and water shedding overhangs on the flared Bow and Stern.

Voyageur is for competent paddlers with Intermediate to Advanced skills looking for the thrill of a lifetime every time out.

Asymmetrical Touring Specifications



Width Yoke

Bow Rocker

Stern Rocker

Edge 16' 35" 3" 2"
Paramount 16' 6" 35.5" 2.5" 1"
Horizon 17' 34.5" .5" minimal
Voyageur 16' 11" 37" 4" 2.5"
Boundary 17' 6" 35" 1" minimal
Super Cruiser 18' 6" 35.5" 2" 1"
Slingshot 222 18' 6" 35" .5" minimal