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Now accepting orders for Summer / Fall 2022

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Technically Advanced,
High Performance Canoes


Adirondack Pack

Like a Kayak-Canoe hybrid, our Adirondack Pack canoes are lightweight, fast boats for solo paddlers.

Marathon Racing

Light, strong, and stiff. Built to perform to the highest standards while meeting racing criteria for Stock & Pro categories.

Black and red canoe from H2O Canoe Company

Tripping Canoes

Symmetrical tandem, asymmetrical tandem, and solo series — For every paddling adventure, there’s a tripping canoe for you.


H2O Canoe Build Series Great White North

Great White North

Our toughest series for canoeists who want the most durability.

H2O Canoe Build Series Brute Force

Brute Force

The perfect balance of being strong while staying lightweight.

H2O Canoe Build Series Pro Lite

Pro Lite

The lightest option to breeze through those long portages.

About H2O Canoe Company

H2O Canoe Company offers technically advanced, high performance Tripping, Pack and Race Canoes.

We focus on advanced fabrics including Innegra, Kevlar, and Carbon Fiber, featuring Epoxy resin technology. Superior materials and advanced craftsmanship create strong, lightweight, and durable watercraft.

Entry level and recreational enthusiasts also appreciate our base line products for quality construction, user experience and aesthetic appeal. H2O Canoe Company products are developed not only to utilize the latest in advanced materials and design, but also to emphasize value in regard to quality, performance, and durability.

Paddling a canoe is a personal experience.
We believe buying one should be too.

Paddling a canoe is a personal experience. We believe buying one should be too.

When you buy from H2O Canoe, you’re buying a canoe made specifically for you. Owner Jeff Hill has 15+ years experience building canoes; his unparalleled knowledge and insight in his craft will help you choose the perfect canoe for any adventure. Every canoe is built to order and highly customizable.


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