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Now accepting orders for Summer / Fall 2022

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About H2O Canoe Company

H2O Canoe Company offers technically advanced, high performance Tripping, Pack and Race Canoes.

We focus on advanced fabrics including Innegra, Kevlar, and Carbon Fiber, featuring Epoxy resin technology. Superior materials and advanced craftsmanship create strong, lightweight, and durable watercraft.

Entry level and recreational enthusiasts also appreciate our base line products for quality construction, user experience and aesthetic appeal. H2O Canoe Company products are developed not only to utilize the latest in advanced materials and design, but also to emphasize value in regard to quality, performance, and durability.

A Message From Jeff Hill

Owner, H2O Canoe Company

From my youth spent in hockey rinks and farming, to my college years working in factories and retail jobs, it’s hard to believe that more than 25 years have now been spent in the business of creating advanced canoes and rowing shells.

H2O Canoe Company was launched in 2005 to make a mark in the paddle sport equipment market. Great satisfaction comes with the amazing customer feedback and memories made over the years selling H2O Canoe products. Thanks to everyone who has supported our journey along the way; we couldn’t have done it without you!

Paddling a canoe is a personal experience. 
We believe buying one should be too.

– Jeff Hill

Paddling a canoe is a personal experience. We believe buying one should be too.

– Jeff Hill