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Now accepting orders for Summer / Fall 2022

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Buying Guide (Tools)

We’ve created two convenient tools to help you find your perfect H2O Canoe.

Build & Price: This tool guides you through all of the different options, one step at a time. It is most useful if you need some guidance to build out your canoe. Please note that the Add-Ons included are only some of our most popular choices.

Find Your Canoe: This tool lets you search, sort, and filter from every possible option. It is most useful if you already have certain specifications in mind for your canoe. Once a filter is applied, the remaining filters will only show the respective options based on the first filter (eg. If “Tripping – Solo Series” is applied for the Category filter, only the respective Solo Series Models will be shown in the Models filter). 

For a full list of Add-Ons and additional information, please refer to our Buying Guide (PDF).

Orders cannot be placed online at this time. If you’d like to place an order, please Contact Us.