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Now accepting orders for Summer / Fall 2022

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Buying Guide (Tools)

We’ve created two convenient tools to help you find your perfect H2O Canoe.

Build & Price: This tool guides you through all of the different options, one step at a time. It is most useful if you need some guidance to build out your canoe. Please note that the Add-Ons included are only some of our most popular choices.

Find Your Canoe: This tool lets you search, sort, and filter from every possible option. It is most useful if you already have certain specifications in mind for your canoe. Once a filter is applied, the remaining filters will only show the respective options based on the first filter (eg. If “Tripping – Solo Series” is applied for the Category filter, only the respective Solo Series Models will be shown in the Models filter). 

For a full list of Add-Ons and additional information, please refer to our Buying Guide (PDF).

Orders cannot be placed online at this time. If you’d like to place an order, please Contact Us.

The “Build & Price” and “Find Your Canoe” tools are not available at the moment. To view the prices and specifications for all of our canoes, please reference the Buying Guide (PDF). If you have any other questions or would like to speak with us directly, you can Contact Us.