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Great White North

Build Series - Great White north

The Great White North series is our standard lamination series for canoeists who desire a brilliantly coloured lightweight option. The series is available for all Tripping Canoes; it is not available with Adirondack Pack Canoes or Marathon Racing Canoes.


A red Kevlar canoe has been a fixture among paddling enthusiasts for decades now. Brilliant coloured gelcoat canoes came along shortly after the introduction of fibreglass in the 1970’s and soon after, Kevlar in the 1980’s. Each further reducing the weight of a standard canoe from aluminum and wood canoes before that.


The Great White North series is a standard construction canoe, moderately lightweight, competitively priced, and durable for many paddling requirements.


The technical fabric offered with our Great White North series is Kevlar or Innegra Basalt, laminated around a rigid reenforcement system, matched with high grade marine vinyl ester resin to construct the hull. The closed cell foam core in the hull base combined with Kevlar ribs produce rigid strength for ultimate performance and longevity.


Kevlar is the lightest option in our Great White North series while Innegra Tuff is a more cost effective choice, though it is a touch heavier.

Suited For

If your canoe dreams include a classic bright colour and lightweight boat, the Great White North series is an excellent starting point with many choices at excellent value.


The Great White North series suits a variety of paddlers including day, week or multi-week tripping, cottage excursions, and simple rental applications.


The Great White North series limitations are your own threshold for portage carrying weight and the amount of contact with sharp solid objects anticipated.


The standard finishes for our Great White North series includes: aluminum gunwales in your choice of black or silver anodized finish, varnished ash deep dish yoke, handles, thwart, webbed contoured seats, ABS end decks, flotation chambers, and stainless-steel hardware.


Optional Great White North finishes include: two-tone exterior colour over white, bow sliding seat, Kevlar skid plates, black stained ash or cherry wood, float tank hatches, and kneeling thwart. Please see our Buying Guide for more information.

Available Colours



Forest Green

Harvest Yellow

Burnt Orange


Navy Blue




A gelcoat covered canoe is a top technical category offered by most manufacturers. Our Great White North construction series features aesthetic choices of gelcoat exteriors, available in a variety of solid or two-tone colours. Our gelcoat is specially formulated with a flex additive to provide the best possible durability in our Great White North canoe series.

Construction Features


Bilge Mounted,
Webbed Contoured Seats

Interior Coating

Dished Carrying

Closed Cell
Foam Floor


Sidewall Ribs


Gelcoat Exterior

Optional Kevlar
Skid Plates

*The above features are standard for the Great White North series. Please refer to our Buying Guide for additional options and add-ons.